About Patty Daniels

Patty Daniels

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my site. I appreciate your interest and hope that we can serve you in some way through our photography & video to give you a great experience! My wonderful team of artful, photojournalistic professionals will do all we can to exceed all your expectations! We look forward to meeting you in person and working together soon!

As a photographer, it has been my honor to work with many wonderful people who have in so many ways touched my life. In every photograph, there is an exchange of gratitude, respect and love…. every single moment that is documented carries with it stories and emotions to last a lifetime.

As a photographer, it gives me a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose to use the talents God has given me. Through the camera lens, I have worked with couples, families, corporations and so many others to capture some of their most beautiful moments and awe-inspiring emotions.

As a photographer, I work closely and tirelessly – along with my team of dedicated professionals and, of course, with YOU – to preserve what truly matters. In telling the stories that mean the most to you, I approach each photo shoot with an unwavering commitment to giving you, your family, your loved ones and your guests the very best we have.

Patty DanielsAs a person…I understand that we are all connected and that what binds us together is our humanity. For me, photography is a way of making a difference and giving you something precious and tangible to have and enjoy. Capturing that one moment in time and being able to document your emotions, your successes, your loves and your life is of indescribable value to me – and probably to you, too. A photograph is intrinsically priceless, and it gives me great satisfaction to share my gift of photography with you.

Capturing an event is like being a storyteller, a digital writer and a visionary.Choosing your event photographer is one of the most
important decisions you’ll make, because it influences how you will look back on the most important days of your life!

Images taken on this site reflect Patty Daniels and Team.