As much as the availability of high-quality cameras has increased, so have photography studios. Contrary to the popular opinion that anyone with a high-res camera smartphone can be a photographer, the opposite is true. The access to cameras has made a more significant majority realize the importance of photography studios and professional photography sessions.

If you have been tired of imperfect camera phone pictures and are considering booking for a professional family photography session, here are four reasons that will help you make up your mind:

Everyone Will Look Good

Even if someone manages to capture a considerably good family picture from their phone, someone or the other makes sure they delete it as they wouldn’t be looking their best. The chance of this happening at a professional photography session is meager. Professional photographers plan the entire photoshoot for their clients. They help people choose their outfits for the day and make sure that everyone looks picture-perfect. 

Professional photographers also guide people to make a natural pose that makes them feel comfortable. They also work on arranging people’s seating and setting up lights in a way that makes everyone look their best. 

Many people aren’t aware of it, but all professional photographers know that everyone has a better-looking side of their face and body. You don’t have to know your or your family’s better-looking sides for the session. The photographer will find it out through a few test shots and solo pictures. 

Capture Group Shots

Yes, you can do it with a timer too. But ask yourself truthfully, has a picture taken on a timer ever really turned out great? 

Booking a professional generational photography session will ensure that you get a group shot that everyone will love. The family members will focus on smiling and posing, and nobody in the family will have to struggle to make everyone happy. 

Bonus advantage: you wouldn’t need to confront anyone on their poor photography skills, and there will be no drama on the day!

Highlight Shared Features

High-quality pictures where everyone looks their best self will make it easier for you and your spouse to settle if your kid looks like your mother or theirs. Such pictures will also highlight family features and traits that usually go unnoticed. 

You might be able to see the many similarities family members share amongst each other, such as the way they sit, the way they place their hands on their lap, unintentional narrowing of eyes, etc. The little children now will also be able to notice these similarities when they grow up.  

You can see more unintentional similarities by asking your photographer for some candid pictures. People tend to be more relaxed and ‘themselves’ when they aren’t required to pose for a camera. 

It Feels Like a Family Event

While it’s always easier to book professional photographers for a family event, you can also make an event out of a generational photography session. You can book a session simply when you’re looking to treat family and have a memorable day with them. It will require everyone to get ready according to the decided theme and reach the destination. Your family will be excited to put on matching outfits and looking their best. 

As most people greatly enjoy posing for pictures, everyone will have guaranteed fun. You can also plan small group pictures with your photographer, such as a picture of all the elders surrounded by kids, one with all the kids and their parents, one with different groups of siblings, or one with generations of females only, etc. You can also include pets in the session to display the strong bond of family. 


Booking a generational photography session can be a family activity on its own. You can merge the session with a picnic at the park or book it for a day spent by the lake or the beach to ensure that the photographs are as scenic as they can be. The places where you can have your family’s photography sessions are as many as you can imagine. 

You can also plan a dinner afterward to make the day extra special.   

 Once you experience the joy and value a professional photography session brings, you will likely book them more often. 

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