An excellent prom picture says a lot about the couple or friends in it. Whether they’re happy, sad, or somewhere between, this one photo can capture the moment as if it’s frozen in time. The key to looking your absolute best on prom night in Florida is to pick a pose that shows off your sense of style and personality.

Below are seven picturesque poses and ideas for your prom teen photo shoots in Delray Beach.

1. Capture the Candid’s

The most natural and relaxed photo of you at the prom is you both laughing over the dress you just bought. The poses to get this image are all about being relaxed and comfortable. There’s no need to be tense in front of a camera, but make sure your body language is inviting. Infusing chemistry into your shots is a great way to create senior portraits in Delray Beach. They are about capturing authentic moments, and you can’t accomplish that without being in a natural state.

2. Be Creative with Your Location

When choosing your location, consider when the best light will be at the time of day you want to take your prom photos. The golden hour is right around sunset that lasts for about an hour before nightfall. This is after shadows adjust to the light and before darkness sets in around 7 p.m.

An example of a teen portrait taken in Delray Beach is in the Pineapple Grove Arts District, which offers serene outdoor spaces. A good photo captures the beauty and spirit of the season in one shot.

3. Photos of You in Front of a Mirror

The mirror pose is excellent for taking photos of couples alone or of two girls together because it captures everything from the front and behind at the same time. Most mirrors are adjustable, so you can play with the angle to ensure your smile is in focus and your hair looks fabulous. A mirror will also give both halves of the couple more privacy than traditional photo locations like being in a car or at a restaurant booth table.

4. Use Natural Light

Natural light is excellent for capturing the real you. Bright lights can bring attention to your hair and makeup and make your skin look unnatural. Use a natural light source like the sunset. It will make for great teen portraits in Delray Beach. If your prom photo session is closer to dusk, consider simple lighting tools like an umbrella.

5. Have Fun with Your Prom Poses

After the superposed pictures are done, have some fun. Jump in the air or give your best James Bond pose. You want photos that show your personalities and not just your best moments as couples or friends. Your friends will be able to recall this night ten years later, and thoughts of your fun-loving side will make it all the better.

6. Make a Run for It

If you want a photo that captures the exhilaration of prom night, you need to be running. Go up the stairs with your date, or run along the shore. Teen photo shoots in Delray Beach in the Atlantic Dunes Park are a popular choice in Florida. But really, any open space in your school or around town will do.

7. Play With Solid Colors

Solid colors are often the best choice for photography. Natural colors like blue, green, gray, and white have a wide range of backgrounds they work best in. Solid colors work great, especially for portraits and close-ups. These photos are used to mark a milestone in your life. You can take senior portraits in Delray Beach at Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens.


Hopefully, these tips will help you plan for your great prom photo, create the right setting and poses, and have fun with your pictures. You’d be surprised how simple these poses can be and how great you will look on your special day. Get in touch with Patty Daniels Photography to get your teen portraits and photo shoots taken in Delray Beach, Florida.