Any corporation requires a professional photographer that can capture the business, atmosphere, and personnel. In South Florida, image matters as much as the company’s profitability to showcase what you have to offer.

The brand image is the business’s services and how the organization interacts with different stakeholders. Photographs play a critical part in illustrating these views and standing out among competitors.

However, you can’t go with an amateur photographer and assume that the pictures are good enough. Instead, you want to get the right portraits to capture the image and message you are conveying.

Here are the different portraits that are most common for a corporation and how the pictures showcase what the organization represents. These photographs are a part of your promotions, website, brochures, and other marketing materials.

The Traditional Photograph

A traditional corporate photograph is when you look directly into the camera to show a visual representation. These pictures convey how you look, your attitude, dress, and style to put a face to the name.

Sometimes, you can shoot the pictures from above the waistline to convey certain features. Another option is to go with the full body shot to capture how you look when meeting someone in a professional environment.

The background can be against a colored or whiteboard that is in your office or a studio. These portraits are common in marketing, such as in annual reports, business cards, brochures, and marketing literature.

Patty Daniels Photography is the number one corporate photographer in South Florida and works with various small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We know how to capture the best parts of you and show them to the world to create confidence and trust.  We work closely with your team to enhance your marketing efforts and improve your visibility.

Action Photographs

Sometimes, the best way to capture what your business does is by showing you working in a corporate environment. These include your company’s work and showcasing your role in leading the company.

For example, if you are the CEO of a large construction conglomerate, we will show you holding a shovel or operating a piece of equipment. The objective is to illustrate what you offer to attract new customers or investors. These pictures capture you like a hands-on leader that worked your way to the top from the bottom. Stakeholders are impressed with these images and more willing to connect with your organization.

We use these portraits for investor presentations and marketing materials to show another side of you.

Patty Daniels Photography understands what you need as a leading corporate photographer in South Florida. We have five-star reviews from clients that appreciate our attention to detail and professionalism. No one does a better job capturing your vision than us, and we work with you every step of the way to realize these goals.

A Group Photograph

Businesses are built on teams of dedicated professionals working together to create the image of what you provide. A group photograph showcases the different employees, departments and provides a face to the name. Stakeholders gain confidence in knowing that you are more than just people, but an organization that cares.

We use group photographs to highlight your team approach and incorporate these images to enhance your marketing.

Patty Daniels Photography is the best photographer for showing all sides of your business. We take the best images and illustrate how your organization is different and offers more to stakeholders.

The Corporate Environment

Another way of showing your company favorably is going into your locations and capturing the environment. These portraits are of everyone working on a typical day but illustrate that your team of dedicated professionals is making a difference. Stakeholders see these images and gain confidence that your company is a reputable and respected organization.

We use the corporate environment photographs to show your firm in action and build confidence in the business.

Patty Daniels Photography believes that different shots are necessary to introduce yourself, the company, and build favorable images. We use all of the photographs to improve your marketing and make the brand image of the organization.

We are the Best in Corporate Photography

These are some of the different photographs we use to help you build your business and trust in the organization. Call Patty Daniels Photography today at 954-680-9994 and ask how we can help to improve your corporate image.

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