They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but your wedding photo is priceless. Your special day deserves to be captured by a professional who wants to give you something precious and tangible to have and enjoy. At Patty Daniels Photography, we know what it takes to be the Best Rated Wedding Photographer in South Florida and we want to do just that!

As the storytellers of your special day, we will be with you from the very beginning, documenting every special moment and helping tell your story.

At Patty Daniels Photography, we share the belief that we are all connected and that what binds us together is our humanity. Photography is how our company makes a difference, by capturing your emotions, your successes, your loves, and your life so you have something to cherish forever. 

Why You Want a Professional

By hiring a professional wedding photographer in South Florida, you will know that he or she has relevant experience in how to shoot a wedding, especially one with similar styles. Whether your reception is outdoors or indoors, your photographer from Patty Daniels Photography is prepared for both! 

Another benefit to having a professional photographer is that he or she can make the necessary adjustments if your special day has certain circumstances that must be met! The last thing your special day needs is for you and your wedding photographer to be on different pages when it matters most.

Types of Albums Available

At Patty Daniels Photography, we believe stories are best told through unforgettable images that you can cherish your entire lifetime. Patty Daniels Photography takes photos for an array of events, from weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and special events to corporate, branding, and family portraiture. Patty Daniels Photography adds creativity and a fun edge to make your day that much more magical. 

When you choose Patty Daniels Photography for your wedding photography needs, you can choose one of three types of albums to capture and tell the love story that took place on your wedding day. 

Hand Crafted Leather Albums

This has always been the Patty Daniels Signature Album that helps set your photos apart from the mainstream wedding photo album many people use. 

The Coffee Table Album

This stylish album is modern with an emphasis on image placement. Usually, fewer images per page or multi images enhance this album. This album comes in many different sizes, covers.

The Electronic Album

Download your album design on your iPhone, iPad, laptop, or whichever media site you choose. This is a great way to have your wedding memories with you at all times! Stream it to your Smart TV or save it forever in a Cloud Drive, you can rest easy knowing your special day will always be accessible. 

You Want Experience. We Have It.

Patty Daniels Photography has worked with couples, families, corporations and so many others to capture some of their most beautiful moments and awe-inspiring emotions. Our photographers will work closely and tirelessly with you to ensure your big day is captured in a  way that you’ll cherish! 

Your wedding photos are something you’ll treasure for years to come so take the time to choose a photographer that can best capture these amazing memories. If you’re looking to celebrate your special day in South Florida, then make sure it’s captured on film by the professionals at Patty Daniels Photography. Give us a call today at (954) 680-9994.