You’ve planned for family photography in South Florida and chosen your photographer but have no idea what to wear. Is choosing the right outfits for your family portrait a nightmare for you? Don’t worry. Here we break down, step by step, the tips for choosing the Best family outfits for a family portrait! 

Tips on Choosing the Best Family Outfits for a Family Portrait 

Family Outfits for a Photoshoot: Choose the Best Combination of Clothes 

If you fall in love with the work of a certain photographer’s family portraits in South Florida, you may love the clothes in which their clients appear. Some photographers are very careful about the aesthetics of the images they want to create, preferring to provide the client with the comfort of a wardrobe that fit their style. So, if the photographer in question has a wardrobe of clothes for you to choose from, that’s one less thing to worry about.  

However, many photographers of family Portraits in South Florida want the client to bring out their personality through their own clothes, but it does not mean that they give carte blanche to wear anything. They will always give you practical advice on what clothes to avoid. But it is very likely that you already know what you like and have a defined style when it comes to dressing. So, there is nothing that reflects you better than the clothes you wear! 

Choose Comfortable Clothes that Represent You 

Before even thinking about colors, textures, specific clothes, etc., make sure that the clothes you choose for your family are comfortable. Choose clothes that allow you to move freely and with which you will not be hot or cold.  

If it is something that you never wear, or does not allow you to stretch your arms well, squeezes your waist when you sit down or has straps that you have to be constantly repositioning, then it’s not the right outfit. When you wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, you can relax and enjoy the session experience. 

Keep it Simple! 

Simplicity is usually the best option and, even more so, in a photo session with children. The continuous changes of clothes usually completely break the session’s atmosphere or trigger a mood change in the little ones. 

And speaking of children: better not force them to wear something they hate. If you know your daughter hates skirts, don’t choose one for the day of the shoot. Or, if your baby can’t stand hats, don’t insist on putting one on for the photo. 

To get shots that look like your family and that you will be proud of, here are some outfit ideas! 

Outfit Ideas for a Family Photoshoot 


Family photos in pajamas are very fashionable in the US. Photos in pajamas, however, require some preparation. Indeed, the idea is not to wear old mismatched pajamas. 

For this style, it will be necessary to opt for coordinated pajamas for the whole family, young and old. The most chosen outfits for these photos are Christmas pajamas, but it is entirely possible to consider pajamas for any season or holiday. 

Elegant Outfits where Everyone is on their 31! 

Family photos where everyone puts on their 31 is a perfect opportunity to bring out your best outfits! The idea is to wear ideally coordinated outfits in terms of color and style. To do this, do not hesitate to pull out all the stops. You can consider wedding, evening, baptism outfits, etc. The goal is to be as elegant as possible. 

Fun Outfits 

If your family is known for its humor, then original, fun and quirky photos are a very good idea! In this case, you can go for the craziest outfits. But be careful. The idea is to obtain a harmonious and pleasant result. 

Bucolic Attire 

Are you and your children close to nature, or do you like green surroundings? In this case, do not hesitate to favor outfits, such as floral dresses, shorts, sneakers, straw hats, etc. You can then opt for family photos in the middle of nature. The idea is to favor natural fabrics such as cotton and linen, all in fairly light colors. 

Best Family Photography in South Florida 

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