Family portraits are ways of capturing those special moments in your life that will not last forever. These images show who you are and how the family grows and changes over time. You want to get it right when selecting family portraits in South Florida that show the feelings, personalities, and how you look. 

The problem is that you can’t just go with any photograph and assume that all pictures are the same. 

Photography is an art, and a great artist knows how to describe the moments through the posses, setting, and atmosphere. 

Getting everything right is what gives you those lasting memories that you will cherish for years to come. 

You should think about the photographs you would like to show these times and special moments for you and your family. You have various options when selecting the photographs to describe your family during this period of everyone’s life. 

The Way of Life

One of the best things about family photography in South Florida is you can capture everybody in a natural setting. You are showing the family in a relaxed mode to highlight the relationships and how you connect with select activities. 

Your photographer provides the direction and approach by mixing genuine elements with those that are showcased. These include things such as the posses, scenery, and spacing for the interaction of the different members. 

The family members dress in everyday relaxed clothing and are doing something that everybody enjoys. The idea is to show daily life, but capture the location, lighting, feelings, and setting to illustrate these special bonds. 

For example, your home is a good place for doing the way of life photoshoot. Your photographer goes to a particular room, sets up, and then uses the posses of members doing their normal activities. You are capturing everyone doing what they would on a daily basis to underscore the emotions and bonds as a family. 

Patty Daniels Photography is the best at capturing your family in any setting and creating lasting memories you will cherish. We are flexible and work with you to create the perfect photos to showcase these feelings and bonds. 


Conventional family portraits in South Florida used to take place in a studio, with everyone dressing up. Things are changing, and you can go with the conventional approach, but do so in your home or the outdoors.  

Typically, the family is set in specific poses by the photographer to create a controlled setting where everyone is together. 

During the session, the photographer focuses on using the backdrop, lighting, and positioning to capture the shape and form of family members. Things such as the positioning of the hands or tilting of the head are a part of the emphasis. 

The main idea is to show everyone in the most photogenic positions and showcase their natural features. 

Patty Daniels Photography is the best at traditional family photography in South Florida using our Generational Photography. We capture all of the generations of the family together to create memories that last a lifetime. You work with an experienced photographer that uses creativity and flexibility to get the pictures you want. 


Sometimes, the best way to capture the entire family is through a fantasy portrait, which shows everyone in a setting they dream about. Some examples of this include

  • The princess or prince
  • Star Wars themes
  • Baseball 
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Star Trek themes

The photographer goes in using costumes, style, and detail to create photos with these elements of fantasy. 

In these portraits, the photographer emphasizes the entire family or specific individuals (such as the children) to capture each member as their favorite character or personality. 

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Patty Daniels Photography has the experience and professionalism to bring your vision to life. We are flexible, listen, and adjust to your needs to give you the family portrait you want. 

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