Clothing Tips for Your Next Family Photography Session

When planning a family photo shoot, you must balance the coordination of family members with highlighting the individuality of each family member. It is important to choose outfits that you feel confident and relaxed in. When you enjoy the way you look, it will be reflected in the photos as you will come across as happy and energetic. You will also enjoy the session with your family photographer. At Patty Daniels Photography, we help encapsulate the essence of your family with a professional family photographer in South Florida.

Choose the Right Colors

Colors are a major part of selecting outfits. Light and neutral colors will make your photos appear bright and airy. Wearing bold prints can take away from the focus of the photos which is your family. When it comes to choosing a color palette, think about the time of year that you are taking the photos. During the fall, you may decide to go with a warmer palette.

Mom Sets the Tone

When deciding on clothing, mom should figure out her outfit first. Pick something that will make you feel confident. This involves choosing an outfit that is flattering to your body. If you want to wear a skirt or dress, choose something that accentuates your waist. It is best if the hemline is below the knee. You can use a belt and blazer to add structure. Heels are a great way to elongate your legs. You may want to go a little heavier on the makeup, so you don’t appear washed out in the photos.

Figure Out What Your Partner Will Wear

Now that you know what you are going to wear, look in your partner’s closet and see if you can select an outfit. It is cheaper to buy children’s clothing than adult clothing. So, if you are going to buy new clothes, it may be best to only buy clothes for the children. If your partner is masculine-of-center, you can’t go wrong with a button-down and tailored pants. Your partner can also add a jacket to the outfit to complete the look.

Make It Fun for the Kids

It is now time to figure out what the kids are going to wear. You can emphasize their personality through the styles and colors that you choose. If you are holding your toddler or infant in the photos, make sure they are not wearing the same color as you. Depending on the time of year, they can wear different types of shoes. For example, in the cooler months, they can wear boots.

The Last Steps

The last thing you want to do before going to your family photoshoot is to look at all the outfits together and see if they coordinate. Have everyone try on the clothes to make sure they are comfortable and fit properly. You may want to do this two weeks before your upcoming shoot. This ensures that if you are not satisfied with the outfits, you have enough time to shop for other clothes.

Doing the Portrait

Finding a family photographer to capture your family moments is a huge decision. If you are interested in doing a family photography portrait, you can contact Patty Daniels Photography. We can help you make timeless and classic photos for your family with a professional family photographer in South Florida.


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