Engagements are joyous events, with the happy couple announcing to the world the intention of marrying. The engagement picture is what captures the love, closeness, and unique bond for each other. 

However, the photo requires careful consideration as to who will be shooting the couple and the lasting impression. You should not try to do things yourself and think about how professionalism is necessary in capturing the moment. 

If not, an unprofessional photo causes tension before the wedding, with the couple having negative emotions over the picture. You want to go with an engagement photographer in South Florida that knows what to do and has experience. 

The best approach is to look for specific things when selecting a photographer that can shoot the engagement and wedding. You will have a professional look and feel, which captures these moments for everyone to remember. 


Anytime you are hiring an engagement photographer in South Florida, you should consider the experience of the individual and the company. The day is special, and you want to think about how to capture the mood, atmosphere, and emotions. You only have one chance to get things right, and selecting a professional photographer with engagement experience is the key. 

For example, let’s say that your engagement is going to be a secret where you surprise the bride. During these moments, you don’t want to experiment or engage in risks by taking away from this glorious occasion. An engagement photographer with experience coordinates and helps you to capture the emotions, atmosphere, and feelings. 

A professional photographer can envision and feel the enthusiasm in working with you on this special day. They capture everything perfectly to make you feel a sense of pride in knowing that you did everything right. 

Patty Daniels Photography uses a team of experienced photojournalists that captures the mood. You never have to worry about second-hand quality, as we are the best in the business. 


When you hire an engagement and wedding photographer in South Florida, you want someone who you like. The photographer should be laid back and easy to get along with to help you feel comfortable. There should be a bond you share with the photographer to that make you relax and ensure things go smoothly. 

The best approach is to meet with the engagement and wedding photographer in South Florida first and see if you like the person. Likeability is critical in deciding if you will hire the photographer and continue a working relationship through the wedding. 

Patty Daniels Photography is the best choice for shooting your engagement and wedding photos. We are highly rated on Facebook and social media, with clients referring to us as talented, great, and fabulous. Our likeability is off the charts, and we know what to do to capture those special occasions in your life. 


An engagement photographer in South Florida needs to adapt to your situation and be willing to work with you. The photographer should adjust to you on things like payment options, packages, posses, the setting, times, and locations. 

The best approach is to see how the photographer responds when you meet them and discuss what you require. An ideal photographer will tell you that they are flexible and willing to adjust to your needs. 

Patty Daniels Photography is flexible to what you want and works with you to make your engagement and wedding photos special. We believe in capturing the moment and doing so in ways that make our customers happy. 


An excellent photographer uses creativity to ensure the photos have that look and feel to make everything special. These professionals listen to what you want and can think of backgrounds and shots to give your engagement something extra. 

You look at the photos and are impressed by how the pictures capture the background, setting, and mood.

Patty Daniels Photography understands the significance of your engagement and uses originality to make the event special. 

Finding the right engagement photographer in South Florida requires knowing what to look for in choosing a true professional. Call Patty Daniels Photography today at 954-680-9994 and see why we are South Florida’s number one photographer. We are located just off Mustang Trail near the Sheridan Oaks Stables in Fort Lauderdale.