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Generational photo shoots have been around long before they were given the name “generational photos.” People simply called them family photos; the entire family would gather, from grandparents to grandchildren and their dogs, and get a photo taken to chronicle the passing of time.  Generational photos have now taken up a space of their own. They’re much more varied and fun than they were before. They also require much more work than they have in the past.

If you’re looking for someone to take your photo, you should contact someone’s who good at generational photoshoots. South Florida has many beautiful locations that can be the backdrop for your photoshoot. Otherwise, you can spruce up your backyard and make it prettier. 

You’ll have to do a lot of work picking a photographer and a venue for the photoshoots. Once you’re done with that, you also have to ensure that the entire family knows the details of the shoot so they can reach the location. You can cut some of this hassle by directly contacting Patty Daniels Photography and hiring her expertise.

Another significant aspect which you have to decide on is the theme of the generational photo shoot. You can have generation photoshoots that only have the women in each family or just the men. It’s also important to note that generational photoshoots don’t have to be amongst family alone. They can be with you and your older friends too. 

To get you excited about generational photoshoots, we have listed some ideas you can try.

1.  The Moms Generational Photo Shoot

The idea revolves around the women of your family. If you have a long lineage of women in your family (up to 3 or 4) generations, you can conduct this photoshoot without a hitch. You can call in all these women from their homes to a place of your liking and get them to take a picture together. It’s a great way to celebrate the women in your family. Women in the past have also been kept away from the legacy of a family. This kind of generational photoshoot sets up something sentimental for the generation to come. 

2. The Dads Generational Photo Shoot 

The idea is the converse of the one stated above.  You can bring in all the men in your family, one from each generation, and have them pose for a photo. It will be a wonderful reminder for years to come about how important the bond of family is. Some people don’t just stick to parents who are alive but rather use photos of people who are deceased to remember them by,

3.  The “Women of the Family” Generational Photo Shoot 

For this photoshoot, you can gather all the women of your family to take a photo. A way to equalize the picture would be to ask everyone to wear the same color. The photoshoot can also be an excuse for all of you to get together and enjoy. Use the backdrop of a lake or your ancestral home so you can look back at all the women who made your family what it is today.

4. The “Men of the Family” Generational Photo Shoot

Building on the previous idea, all the men of the family gather to take photos together. Some people tend to capture these photos every year for Christmas cards and ornaments etc. It’s a beautiful way to remind yourself of what you have and what you have lost after a year. It can also be a great excuse to get together with the men in the family and learn from each other, young and old.

5. Candid Generational Photo Shoot

While more structured and formal photography sessions are great for capturing your generation’s best, getting some fun, relaxed photos can be a great addition to your family photo book. Unlike more formal photos, candid generational photoshoots capture your family member’s personalities.

You can capture people experiencing real moments of joy, laughter, and fun. When you look back to these photos or the next generation does, they can see what their grandparents or great-grandparents were actually like.

You can have the photographer capture your family in your own home or in outdoor settings, such as on a picnic or having fun under the sun at a beach.

Final Thoughts 

At the core of it, generational photoshoots are just reasons to get together and make memories. You should ensure that you do so in the most fun manner you can think of and in a way that’s comfortable to you. Let the memories shine through most authentically, and have Patty Daniel’s Photography capture your family. 

Contact Patty Daniels Photography if you’re planning to hold one in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by calling (954) 680 9994. You can also visit her website, where you can see the excellent photography work she has done over the years. Patty will use her skills and experience to ensure you have a memorable generational photo shoot, one that you cherish for a long time.


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