One of the best ways to get a family together is to plan a generational photoshoot. South Florida has a lot of skilled photographers available. For such a portrait, all the grandparents, children, and grandchildren come together to capture the memories of all the generations in one. Patty Daniels Photography can make your dream family picture come to life.  

Here are a few ideas to make these pictures come out looking unique and fun.

Going with the Inside the Frame Method

The frame method is a fun technique to show all the different generations of your family, other than just standing together in a linear line. This method, however, involves post-processing of the photographs; Patty Daniels Photography can provide you with the result you are looking for.

All you need to do is ask each generation of the family to hold a frame while the photographer takes a solo picture of them. While the professional photographers edit the images, they would Photoshop each picture into the empty frame in hand. This will look like a spiral of generations.

An important tip to remember is the last person in the frame would not be holding a frame in hand, in most cases, it is the youngest child in the family. Start with the oldest member of the family and end with the youngest to show progress in time and family members.

The other thing to be cautious of is how you hold the frame; if it’s in portrait form, all the photographs should be in the same format. Also, to enhance the spiral of a generation formed, it is advised to get pictures taken with the same background and lighting. Also, the maximum number of people in the photograph should be four generations so that everyone is visible.

Holding an Empty Frame

This idea is different than the one mentioned above. Holding an empty frame is a great way to create an image inside the image. It’s an excellent method to create new context inside the frame, and they can be used in creative ways. Your photographers will guide you best.

One creative way to use the frame in the picture is to make the oldest family member, such as a grandparent, hold the frame, and the rest of the family stands further back, so they all fit into the frame. You could say the grandparent is proudly showcasing their work of art, their family.

Another method is to ask different family members to hold different frames of different shapes and sizes. Each family can do their own thing inside the frame, so the final photograph will have many images inside of it.

Holding Hands Through Generations

Our hands speak volumes, and showing different generations holding hands is a very sentimental way of showing the bond between family members. Especially those who are younger members of the family will cherish these pictures when they are older.

Professional photographers at Patty Daniels Photography can guide you on how two or more family members can hold hands to bring out the emotions in the image taken. Every posture and pose matters.

Going Black and White

If you are going for a more serious and formal approach to photographing, then a black and white picture of your family generations will look classy.

If you’re going for a black and white picture, go for the classical poses we see in the early days of photography; ask your grandparents to sit in the center, and all the family members can surround them.

Recreating Old Family Images

For this idea, you will need to put a little effort into finding your favorite old family photos and call everyone together to recreate them with the new members of the family. Recreated pictures will include new spouses and babies; this is a creative way to bring a lot of memories back when placing the old and the new recreated pictures together.

Patty Daniels can help guide you into how to recreate them perfectly and choose similar backgrounds for you. Professional photographers will help you dissect each aspect of the image and look at all the elements to take the closest-looking picture possible. You can use these pictures on invitation cards or send them to your extended family to relive memories and excite them.

Wrapping It Up

Generational photos are a great way to freeze moments and to connect family members in a meaningful way. Choose the idea that works best for you and your family. You can even experiment with all the ideas and see what pictures come out the best. Click here to contact Patty Daniels for the best photography![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]