The day you always dreamed of is here, and the stakes are high. Unlike other wedding vendors, you can’t taste, smell, or see the product. As a result, most people end up hiring the wrong photographer. But after going through tips for hiring a boutique wedding photographer in South Florida, you can narrow your list of options. So without further delay, let’s get started. 

Tips For Hiring The Best Boutique Wedding Photographer in South Florida 

Finding the best boutique wedding photographer with today’s endless possibilities can be overwhelming. Therefore, we came up with a list of things you should look out for. 

Choose a Style

Wedding photography has various styles. So before you start searching for a photographer, you should ask yourself what style you prefer. Photography styles include classic, airy, dark,  timeless, and dramatic. 

Create a Pinterest board of wedding pictures you love and narrow your list to the top 10. Search those images on Google by dragging the pictures in the google search bar. You’ll end up finding the photographer who clicked them. 

Do Your Research

When you find the photography style you are looking for, it’s time to do some background research. It’s important to go through social media reviews to understand who you are dealing with. You can also look up different blogs about the best boutique wedding photographers. The more information you have, the better. Moreover, if you know whom you are dealing with, you can strike a discount deal by omitting things you don’t want. 

Check Availability 

Professional wedding photographers aren’t available because they cover other events. If you are getting married in the wedding season, you should start searching for a boutique wedding photographer months before the wedding date. Moreover, wedding photographers are expensive in the wedding season, so booking one early is proactive and budget-friendly. 

Browse Wedding Gallary 

Don’t settle for wedding photographers simply because they are famous. There are strong chances you might not like their photography style, or they don’t go well with your venue. Browse wedding galleries and albums of your top 5 wedding photographers to get an idea of their style. If you have an indoor wedding, you’ll want someone with better lighting equipment and a lens with a low aperture. But instead of getting into lens and lighting details, you can lessen your load by browsing wedding galleries. 

Compare Packages 

Once you have your top 3 photographers, it’s time to compare prices. Some photographers tend to charge higher than others because they have expensive gear. If their pictures are similar to an affordable photographer, then don’t spend over your budget. Wedding photography heavily relies on post-event editing. Some photographers are good at editing and have affordable prices because they don’t invest in expensive equipment. 

Inquire About Print and Album

Your pictures don’t only belong on social media, where they’ll vanish under your new posts. Inquiring about album and print prices will help you treasure your memories in physical form, and you can show them to others. But if you are not interested in creating an album, you can ask for a photo frame print that you can hang in your bedroom. 

You should ask your photographers about print and album options. Some photographers work with highly professional print labs and access the best print material. So you shouldn’t delay this process and have it included in your package. 

Pay Through Installments 

Most wedding photographers in South Florida ask for non-refundable payment if you are booking months before your event. In that case, it’s best to pay through installments. Weather conditions are uncertain in every part of the world, and South Florida is no exception. If you have to move your wedding date, at least you didn’t pay the full amount in advance. 

Backup Equipment

Inquire about your photograph’s backup equipment. What if the camera fails during your wedding? You can’t take that risk. Can your photographer take the same images with their backup equipment? Most photographers bring two pairs of lenses and an extra camera body to minimize uncertainty. It’s best to remind your photographer about it and inquire about it. 

Bond With Your Photographer

It’s important to get to know your photographer before your event. It isn’t easy, but having an online meeting doesn’t take much time. Bonding with your photographer gives you the space and comfort you need to pose in front of the camera. Most people aren’t camera shy, but they aren’t comfortable posing in front of their photographer. Establishing a relationship will help you overcome this barrier. 

The Bottom Line 

Boutique wedding photographers in South Florida aren’t cheap. So you have every right to inquire because you are paying a hefty amount. Moreover, you should always break your payment into installments to ensure everything goes smoothly. Because when you pay someone in full, they won’t care about your event as deeply as you’d want them. 

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