Making the Everyday Special

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” ~ the late photographer Aaron Siskind 

A good photographer is an incredible artist and one with unique skill and perspective in capturing the humanity of a moment.  

Patty Daniels is that kind of photographer in Ft. Lauderdale and enjoys sharing her gift with the world. 

A Storyteller of Everyday Life 

You don’t have to be a famous person to catch the eye of an amazing photographer. In fact, Patty takes great pride in creating beautiful family portraits in South Florida. Real people living real lives fascinates this professional photographer, and capturing everyday moments is one of her finest talents. 

As Patty likes to say, “I love connecting with people, and I love to capture them in a way that will bring joy to all.” 

From Weddings to Senior Portraits and More 

Patty Daniels Photography records those natural human moments, and often, stories can be told in a single frame. This photographer in Ft. Lauderdale is available for taking pictures of that special slice of life that you don’t want to soon forget.  

Patty possesses a keen eye for zeroing in on those micro-moments of emotion that occur at all kinds of places and times. From everyday moments that happen at weddings and parties to those special moments that occur during pregnancy and with new babies and the fun and spontaneity of family portraits in South Florida, she captures the beauty and essence of life in each one.  

Images That Comfort and Inspire 

It is no secret that life can be fragile and fleeting, and times can challenge all of us. The right photographer has the skill, artistry, and sensitivity in recording these moments that create memories among families, friends, lovers, associates, strangers, and the world. 

When we look at our cherished photos, we observe many things. Some folks find comfort in these images. For others, they see inspiration, and for many, they remember a moment frozen in time.  

Seeing those small and large details that matter in capturing everyday moments is one of the many reasons to turn to Patty Daniels for a photographer in Ft. Lauderdale. Her camera is with her at all times, almost like an extension of her arm.  

Patty Is Your Storyteller 

Patty’s impressive website gallery of photos tells awesome stories. These images speak volumes, and every subject, angle, and the story is truly unique. 

Allow this visual expert to seize these moments and weave a personal story of images that you and yours will always treasure. Reach out to Patty Daniels Photography, and book an appointment for family portraits in South Florida or for any other special event or occasion. 


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