Who doesn’t like to celebrate special moments surrounded by their loved ones, infectious love spreading in the air, and the feeling of utmost joy? And while these pleasantries are just as amazing for the time being, pictures help us freeze these moments in the eternal glory of memories to cherish forever.

But why should you wait only for special occasions to get pictures taken with your loved ones? After all, everybody loves to fit their kin in one frame as it makes a great one for the ‘Gram as well as for fridge magnets. So this holiday season, gift your family or even yourself the delight of the generational photoshoot.

You can cherish these moments spent for a lifetime and have incredible pictures to look back to. Moreover, if you have babies in the house, these pictures would make up for a great throwback once they grow old. You can show them all their grandparents and ancestors through an incredible generational photoshoot extending up to 3 to 4 generations in one frame.

6 Simplest Guide Tips to Nailing Your Generational Photoshoot

Thinking about how you are going to plan the whole thing out? Fret not because we have just the simplest photographer’s guide in place to help you prepare for your generational photoshoot. Have a look!

Count the Members Involved

First things first, it is essential to count the family members you will be involved in the photoshoot. For instance, if you are a family of 4 with a pet dog and you want to involve both your maternal and paternal parents, which makes eight family members and a dog, to begin with. The more extended generational photoshoot you plan, you can add more members so on.

Send Out the Memos

Now that you have decided on the number of family members involved, it is time to send out the memos to ask for agreement of participation and consequent availability. You can easily send a message via Whatsapp to your loved ones or call each family and ask directly if they are willing to participate in a generational photoshoot and their availability on an upcoming date.

Decide the Dress Code

Next, when everyone has RSVP’d to be available, decide the dress code to notify them about what to wear. Generational photoshoots turn out incredible when the people’s clothes are coordinating in colors, patterns, or a common theme. For instance, you can keep it natural and minimalistic with pastel colors. Or you can embrace your heritage and decide on something traditional that highlights your family roots.

Finalize the Location

One of the most important things that make or break any photoshoot is the location. Absolutely essential to decide on something that has plenty of natural light, space for props and decoration (if you want some), and enough area to host everyone safely. You can even coordinate your location with the dress code you have decided. For instance, you can choose beautiful farmland to highlight your ancestral farming background and wear breezy farming clothes and hats.

Prepare the Elderly, Kids & Pets

A generational photoshoot means that our elderly, kids, and pets would be coming together. Possibly for a whole day, if not hours, at a location to take pictures – that require them to stay still. So you may require some extra preparation to handle the whole situation well for the pictures to turn out good. The best way is to have a little picnic and go for candid pictures.

Talk to Your Photographer

Lastly, all the above steps were getting executed in your head. Now is the time you talk to your photographer to execute them in real-time. An experienced photographer who knows their way through generational photoshoots should be able to help bring your vision to life. Even better would be if you find a photographer who can come up with better ideas for the smooth execution of the whole ordeal.

Bottom Line

Generational photoshoots are a great way of cherishing old memories and instilling new ones. The beauty of life is in grasping the present but looking back to fond memories, and loved ones is a great way of nurturing children with love and harmony. We hope that our guide helps you achieve the best generational photoshoot that you cherish for a lifetime.

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