Planning a Party? Let Us Capture the Moment

There is no event too small or too large for us to handle. We specialize in all types of events, including corporate parties, families get together, school portraits, and Bat Mitzvahs. The possibilities are truly endless when you hire Patty Daniels photography for your next party or event.  


A Photographer for all Occasions  


There is no occasion or event that we can’t handle. We have experience in shooting for big events like weddings. In fact, we are the top-rated wedding photographer in Delray Beach. We can also take beautiful, high-quality photographs for smaller events, too. Let us handle your next Valentine’s Day portrait, family portrait, or even hire us to surprise your bride with a photo session when you propose. Gender reveal parties are also a popular occasion that we have tons of experience in.  


 Behind the Lens  


Patty and the team take great pride in being able to commemorate peoples’ special occasions. She works closely with each person who hires her to capture the important moments in the exact fashion the client wants. Patty has worked closely with dozens of families over the years, but she has also worked with corporations to provide a professional feel to the photographs. There’s no occasion that Patty and her team haven’t tackled.  


 Working With Professionals  


There are a number of reasons why a person should hire a professional, instead of taking the photos themselves. Mainly, a professional photographer allows the client to live in the moment. Stop getting distracted by searching for the perfect photo opportunity. Let the professionals handle that. You should be enjoying the event you’ve orchestrated and not be concentrating on how and when you can catch the perfect shot.  


Professional photographers don’t simply snap photos. They also handle the editing and printing of the photos. A lot of work goes into touch ups after the shoot is concluded. An otherwise perfect photo could be ruined by something in the background or a spilled drink. A professional photographer like Patty Daniels knows it takes some editing skills to turn a good photo into a perfect one.  


We offer the highest-quality Bat Mitzvah photography in Delray Beach, so you and your family can celebrate the occasion without constantly being distracted by the camera. Contact Patty Daniels photography for the best photography in Florida.  


 Corporate Photos  


We are the top-rated wedding photographer in Delray Beach, but we also offer excellent packages for corporate events or corporate photo shoots. Allow us to outfit your website with professional, high-quality photographs of your staff at an affordable price. When it comes to corporate photo shoots, we put your needs above all else. We understand the need for branding and we will work to incorporate whatever you need into your headshots and group photos.  


Contact Patty Daniels Photography Today  


If you are unsure whether we can handle your event, give us a call at (954)680.9994. We can answer any questions you might have and help you figure out if Patty Daniels Photography is a match for your next wedding, Bat Mitzvah, or corporate event. 


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