Who doesn’t love a good birthday party!? I look forward to being on hand to help you capture all of the fun and good times of your (or your loved one’s) special day. From the early years to all those great milestones beyond, a birthday is one of the best times to get everyone in your life together in one place for joy and celebration. Having us freeze these wonderful memories and images in time through our photography work is something you’ll be so thankful for for many years to come.

October 2013 we celebrated 60 years of marriage. We arranged a gala event to celebrate this occasion. Inviting family and friends, we planned an elegant party. Patty Daniels was chosen to be our photographer. A very wise choice. Patty is professional. She did an outstanding job, photographing our lifetime event. We received many proofs of her work. She then constructed an album that is a work of art that we treasure. She is truly an artist, painting with light! We recommend her highly. And she has also become our good friend!
Rita and Herbert Raiffe

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