Helping Seniors make memories and find creative ways to keep them is one of our specialties here at Patty Daniels Photography. As we age and grow through life we look for innovative ways to hold on and keep track of the memories we have and the changes we make, This includes photography of others and ourselves. With that in mind, senior portraits have quickly gained popularity and many seniors are looking for senior portraits and photographers who can help them bring their ideas to life.

It’s no secret that we all enjoy seeing ourselves through the years and we take pride in seeing ourselves age and become older. A great way to show that pride is with a senior portrait! Many people think that senior portraits have to be boring or traditional, “cookie-cutter” portraits that like style and creativity. With Patty Daniels, that will be the least of your concerns.

Senior Portraits

When it comes to Senior Portraits we have the expertise and the resources to help make your dreams come true. Whether it be incorporating your favorite items, hobbies, sports, or even recreating pictures from your childhood, we can help! Not only that but your options are limitless when you choose Patty Daniels for your senior portraits. Whether you have your own ideas for your senior portraits or if you would like to leave creative control to the experts here at Patty Daniels Photography, we are sure that you will love your photos. In addition to being creative, we also give you the option to take your senior portrait in various places and venues. This flexibility not only adds to the creativity of your senior portraits but it also serves as a great experience for you. Especially if you choose to take your senior portraits in an old family home or one of your favorite childhood places.

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