Prep You Need To Do Before Your Family Photo Session

You have the most beautiful family in the world — why wouldn’t you want to show them off? While parents have the privilege of capturing those little day-to-day moments that make life grand, many feel a need to capture these times with family photos that can revive memories and spark conversation.

Before you start hyperventilating at the thought of putting little Jimmy in a three-piece suit, consider the easy way to take advantage of family photography services. Today’s family photographer isn’t interested in capturing still shots of stiffly dressed people; we want action! Take it from the pros, and follow these prepping tips to make your family photoshoot not only easy but also enjoyable.

Choose a Location

The location of your family photography plays a significant role in the end product. Where do you and your family love to be? Where do you feel the happiest, the most natural? Ask your family photographer for location ideas, and let the voice of experience guide you to some truly picturesque scenes that will yield breathtaking photos.

Consider the Time of Day

There are few considerations as important as the time of day selected for your shoot. Have the kids napped yet? Is anyone hungry? How is the light on location, and how long will it last? All of these are factors that come into play as you seek to create a whimsical yet very intentional presentation.

Make Clothing, Hair, and Makeup Decisions Ahead of Time

Remember, your fashion choices are yours to make, but photographers know a thing or two about what looks effortless as well as what creates an awkward look. Whether you choose to be matchy-matchy, mix it up with a blend of colors, or pair a solid hue with a pattern, make sure that everyone is comfortable, confident, and ready to play for the camera. It wouldn’t hurt to have a change of clothes for the little ones, either since things could get messy.

Get Some Rest

Do what you can to get some good rest in the nights leading up to your photo shoot. Putting your best face forward involves more than hair and makeup. Your disposition should also be en pointe; this isn’t the time to cop an attitude or be crabby with your significant other and children. A positive attitude yields positive results.

Choose the Right Photographer

Having the right photographer will make all the difference when it comes to capturing those little moments that define your family and what you are all about. Do some research, and meet before your shoot if possible to collaborate and design what will surely be a memorable day for everyone.

Patty Daniels Photography: Professional Family Photographer in South Florida

We make memories and exceed expectations with excellent photography that captures what you want. Offering expert photography services for weddings, birthdays, engagements, senior photos, and family photography, we make special moments extraordinary not only for you, but also for everyone who views the breathtaking photos with you. Contact Patty Daniels Photography today to make your session appointment, and get ready to smile!


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