Preparations You Need To Do Before Your Family Photo Session

As a professional family photographer in South Florida, I’ve worked with many amazing families, capturing some joyous—and a few not-so-joyous—moments. Getting your family to take pictures together can be nothing short of a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. You can make a family photography session less hectic if you take the right approach to your preparations. Taking the following measures might lead to a smoother session with a family photographer.

Get Your Family Excited for the Photo Session

As the date of your photo session approaches, find ways to get your family revved up. Fill them in on the details of the fun activity you will be doing to enhance the session. You can practice your poses or talk about how to create some natural, relaxed energy between each other.

Select Outfits That Speak to Who You Are as a Family

Family photography is all about coming together as a unit made up of unique individuals. Your outfits should speak to who you are as a family. Are you more urban or rustic chic? Are you bright and lively?

Your pictures will look even better if you allow everyone in the family to express themselves through their apparel. There is a fine line between looking too perfectly matched and perfectly mismatched. Try not to force your kids or significant other (or your family pet, for that matter) to wear something they aren’t comfortable wearing. Their discomfort might read all over their faces!

Bring Beloved Items for Your Kids To Show Off

One trick to making things go smoothly is having everyone bring a special object to show off that your family photographer can incorporate into the photoshoot. Your kids can select a treasured toy, a beloved bicycle, or their favorite sunglasses. Just don’t bring too much since you could weigh yourself down on the photoshoot! In addition, don’t bring anything that your kids might fight over.

Ensure Everyone Is Fed and Rested

Getting a full night’s rest and eating well are key to keeping everyone happy. Easier said than done, I know, but it helps a family photoshoot run much more smoothly if everyone has eaten a full meal beforehand. And, of course, a good night’s sleep matters. You can bring snacks and drinks along, but forego messy foods, such as grape juice or chocolate candy bars.

Have Fun!

If you’re not having fun on the family photoshoot, it will show up in your pictures. Don’t stress about everyone flashing the perfect smile or nailing their poses. Consider turning the event into a fun day, not just a photo shoot. Plan a post-photo activity, such as a movie or going bowling, to complete the day.

Are you ready to book your family photo session? As a professional family photographer in South Florida, I will be honored to capture your family’s beautiful bond. Contact Patty Daniels Photography now to learn more about family photography!


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