A sweet sixteen signifies the earliest stages of adulthood and is celebrated all over the United States, especially by girls. Although, legally, you are still not an adult, but can take on adult responsibilities like driving a car or applying for a job, and so on.
Sweet sixteen birthdays are mostly celebrated with a party that could be intimate or extravagant, but what all celebrations have in common is that they are all captured. After all, a sweet sixteen signifies the end of a girl’s childhood and the beginning of adulthood and should be saved in the form of photos and videos.
Sweet sixteen parties nowadays involve lots of teen photo shoots. Delray Beach, Florida, also provides amazing locations to capture beautiful memories of young girls’ coming-of-age ceremonies. It is also fairly popular to photograph bar mitzvah ceremonies in Delray Beach, Florida.
Media Representation
The media portrayal of sweet sixteen also instills in young girls’ minds that a sweet sixteen celebration is a milestone and should be celebrated like any other achievement. Sweet sixteen is always celebrated with a party, be it big or small, it should have the birthday girls’ interest at the center of attention.
Most teenage girls have already planned on how they want to celebrate their 16th birthday party. Letting her organize it herself is a significant first step to adulthood and letting her personality shine through.
In the age of social media, teenagers care more about sharing their milestones on the internet. Sharing pictures and happenings from their daily life on social media represents them and showcases who they are.
This is where photo shoots come into play. It has become increasingly common for teens and adults to have every important occasion captured on a lens to share it on their social media pages. The likes and comments are all that it is about now. The more likes a photo receives, the more successful the milestone is.
What Can You Do To Get The Best Sweet Sixteen Photos?
For good photos, you need a good party and even better props. Here are some ideas that will make your sweet sixteen photographs look perfect:
Decide On A Birthday Theme
Girls usually like to have a theme birthday party for their sweet sixteen. Decide on a theme that your daughter will love and have the guests follow the theme to dress accordingly. Hire a photographer to capture all details of the party, from the props to the cake and the girl having the best time. A Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed party would be an excellent idea for a glamorous birthday, and a daylight photoshoot would be cherry on top!
Capture The Entire Day
Hire a photographer to document the entire day, from the moment she wakes up and gets dressed to all other activities planned for the day until she goes to bed. Make the day eventful by adding surprises that a candid photographer can capture. It could also be an excellent idea for a sweet 16 gift that would give her the complete photo map of the entire day. The images could be converted into a picture book or have a few of them framed as a keepsake.
Organize A Color Fight Party
Ask your guests to wear white to the party and have a color fight. Not only will it be something different and create unforgettable memories, but it will also result in an awesome photoshoot. Use bright-colored decorations and colorful edibles like sorbet, cotton candy, or skittles.
Have A Formal Photoshoot
Have your daughter and her friends purchase or rent formal attire for a formal sweet sixteen photoshoot. Go full glam by hiring a makeup artist and a hairstylist and have your photographer capture everything, from getting ready to the actual photoshoot, making it more fun and eventful. You could go to a studio to get photos taken or choose a location around your neighborhood.
A good location won’t be hard to find in a beautiful place like Delray Beach; with a dedicated and talented photographer like Patty, your sweet sixteen birthday will be picture-perfect, literally!