You don’t need a professional photographer to take your Christmas family portraits. Technology has made it possible to take your photos at home and still achieve close to professional results. It does take a little know-how to get a memorable picture that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Keep reading to discover what these techniques entail.

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You Can do no Wrong with White and Gold

White and gold may be common in festive holiday pictures, but there is a good reason for this: it looks fantastic! This classic combination instantly screams Christmas and is easy to achieve. While you and your family dress in white, you can decorate your surroundings with gold fairy lights, tree ornaments, and other holiday decorations. We recommend using a photo booth app or software to create a plain white background or snowy background for this look. Photo booth apps and software work perfectly for big and small families alike.

Natural Light is Best

Christmas family photos are meant to be natural, warm, and filled with love and joy. So, to achieve this, avoid using flash for your photos. Instead, rely on the warm glow of the Christmas lights, candles, and fake (or real) fireplace in the background to bring light to your photos. This also allows you to get creative with shadows if you want to get really professional.

The Closer You Are, the Better

Getting as close as you can to your subject is photography 101. Apply this fundamental practice when taking your Christmas photos. When you get close to your subject, you bring the focus on them and pull it away from the details in the background. This allows you to get creative when editing as you make those details in the background even more out-of-focus, almost blurry.

This technique will look especially beautiful with Christmas lights, whether gold fairy lights for a white and gold portrait or colorful lights decorating a tree. Again, don’t forget to rely on natural lighting and avoid using the flash function.

Christmas Props aren’t Cheesy

Don’t shy away from Christmas props because you think they are “cheesy” or “old-school.” This is a tried-and-true tradition because it never goes out of style. Unless you want to achieve a moody aesthetic, why not wear Santa hats, mittens and scarves, or even ugly Christmas sweaters?  Being tried and true does lean towards the realm of unoriginal, so get creative by bringing your family’s personality into the photo. Steer away from saying “cheese” as you smile at the camera, perfectly posed. Create memorable reactions, such as genuine laughter and goofy poses and faces.

Christmas photos are about sharing the love of your family with those closest to you, so make sure to get their personality in there.

When in Doubt, Hire a Professional

While this article is all about creative ways to take Christmas photos without a pro, don’t feel bad if you need to hire one. Nothing can compete with the expert touch of a professional photographer. Your iPhone may be great, but it doesn’t compare with our professional equipment and the knowledge we have using it. We can help you achieve the best angles, poses, and tips to guarantee results you will love. If you have doubts about doing it yourself, contact Patty Daniels Photography. Call (954)680.9994 to get started.