Is your big day coming? As your day is approaching, you must be stressing out thinking about tiny details. Wedding photos are at the top among those small details to be perfected. Have you contacted a wedding photographer? Which place to choose? What are the best poses? This can be a headache if you do not decide beforehand. Here, we have compiled a list of the best trending poses in wedding photography.  

Check out the best tips and tricks to learn more about the secrets of the best wedding poses! 

Factors to Consider for a Successful Wedding Photoshoot 

Before revealing the best poses for your wedding photos, consider these crucial points in wedding photography: 

  • The Place: The place remains the first and most important thing. The photographer may be inspired by the couple’s ideas and their own experiences. Anything can happen as long as you prefer-in the forest, by the sea or in another more original place. After all, you are the wedding couple, and the decision is up to you. 
  • Weather: We cannot influence the weather but can anticipate it. Find out more and take a date that suits you. In general, wedding photographers like good weather to better manage the light. 
  • Equipment: To obtain quality images, you also need quality equipment. Make sure you have hired a professional photographer who has the equipment, knowledge, and experience.  

So, if you’re in search of an expert in wedding photography in South Florida, do consider these factors.  

Trending Poses in Wedding Photography 

You must not miss out on any of these poses, from the most classic poses to the most unusual ideas. You can take inspiration from these ideas, or why not combine them! 

The Classic Pose 

This is perhaps the easiest pose to do. Your grandparents likely did the same. For this pose, the couple stands side by side. The foot plane is more common for this pose. Everything must be perfect without overdoing it. As in a portrait, the two lovers look at the camera lens, smiling or showing their most sincere emotions. You are free to choose a location, but the photographer must also know the best plan for a successful framing. 

Even if the current photographic trend tends towards spontaneity and naturalness, this pose remains a classic to this day because of its simplicity and elegance. The trick is to choose plans that work with your wedding dress. 

Poses in Chest Plan 

The framing will be tighter for these poses to get closer to the couple and have more detailed perspectives. Thus, the photographer will be able to capture the upper parts of the body. This makes it possible to achieve the looks, the smiles, and the other details which accentuate the complicity, the intimacy, and the love of the couple. 

Vary your poses by trying new things while staying in this perspective. Hug, kiss, or express your love with intense stares. The person in charge of the photoshoot can thus play on the light, the focus, and the other settings to better diversify the shots. 

Poses with Objects 

A couple can also hold props during the wedding photoshoot. Take the example of your bouquet if you have one on your wedding list. The two lovebirds can also hold glasses of champagne, an umbrella for the lady, or even a decorative slate. It’s time to be creative by drawing inspiration from the decorative objects available at your fingertips. 

The Narrative Poses on the Hands 

With your hands, you can express many things, especially in wedding photography. Strike a pose where all you can see are your hands holding each other. It proves that you are indeed together. This is also the time to show your devotion to each other by taking alliances as a focus. 

Poses in Motion 

Moving poses have become the most fashionable poses for some time now. This is due to the overflowing inspiration of photographers and the modern features of the devices. We are starting to see wedding poses on social networks where the couple jumps, runs, or performs movements. 

In addition, the photographer can add other moving elements to make the photo even more original. In nature, for example, there are moving leaves. Then, the sea also remains a dream spot for taking spontaneous photos. 

Posing with the Kids 

It’s always nice to have a small family wedding photo. If you already have children, include them in your sessions. On the other hand, if you don’t have children, you can also include groomsmen and bridesmaids in your photos. The harmony of colors in the costumes remains the key to success for these photos. 

Pose with the Stars 

This is the last pose on this list. You can get stunning photos of the sunset, the full moon, and thousands of stars in the night sky. These are the ultimate shots that will complete your wedding photo report. 

So, these were some of the trending poses in wedding photography. But, when it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit. An expert photographer never runs out of ideas and gives attention to every little detail to turn out the best photographs of your special day.  

Looking for a Photographer for Couple Portraits in South Florida? 

Contact Patty Daniels Photography, an expert photographer who can turn your moments into unforgettable, inspiring images for wedding photography in South Florida. Whether you want photos for the engagement announcement or couple portraits in South Florida, call Patty Daniel Photography. 


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