As a business professional, you know the importance of a professional headshot. A headshot shows that you care about your work. Many employees see this as a sign of a good work ethic and a high level of professionalism. If your professional or corporate headshot is outdated, this will not increase your chances of standing out. An outdated headshot, like no headshot, will quickly be overlooked by the hiring manager. So, whether you need your first or an updated one, it’s time to contact a corporate photographer in South Florida. There is no better professional to capture your personality than Patty Daniels Photography.

Having spent years in this industry, Patty Daniels understands the importance of capturing that one moment in time, so your photo speaks more than a thousand words.

If you are not sure what a professional headshot is, the answer is simple. It is a photograph of an individual’s face or, in some cases, more of the profile is shown, such as the shoulders or even the top half of the individual’s frame. The objective of a headshot is to show the individual’s professionalism, personality, and, depending on the industry, creativity. How can this be achieved with so little to work with? It is conveyed through the individuals:

  • Posture
  • Clothing
  • Facial expression
  • Background

At Patty Daniels Photography, we have the experience to work with you to share your brand message through your headshot.

Yes, a Corporate Headshot Matters

Many people think of their headshot as the logo of their personal brand – the most important thing that describes who they are as a professional, creative, exemplary individual. Many individuals take pride in their headshots. It is seen by many as a strategic move to get ahead in their industry. If you want to stand out for your clients, recruiters, professional peers, or employers, a headshot is a simple yet effective way to achieve this.

You do not get many opportunities to make a good first impression – furthermore, what few opportunities you have are fleeting. This has never been truer than in this day and age, with the prevalence of social media platforms and the abundance of accessible talent. 

How Can You Perfect Your Headshot?

There are so many ways that you can improve your headshot. The most important strategy is to match it to your brand, personality, or job industry. When we say “brand,” we do not mean a physical brand. You, as a professional individual, are the brand. Here is an example of a good headshot: the CEO of a company may want to exemplify the authority of their position.

To achieve this, he may not smile too much, his posture will be straight, and he will likely be wearing a suit and tie. The backdrop will be minimal, such as plain white or gray. It is unlikely that the CEO will wear a baseball hat while at the beach.

You can improve your headshot in other ways, such as:

  • Use good lighting
  • Have a simple background
  • Use a setting that’s natural to you
  • Dress professionally
  • Don’t overdo it with hair and makeup
  • Don’t be stiff
  • Use props when necessary
  • Sleep properly the night before
  • Hire a professional corporate photographer

Why Should You Hire a Professional?

You are probably thinking about your friend who is handy with their iPhone. Why can’t they take the headshot for you? If your friend is not a professional, you can still use them, but you will not get the same results as with a trained individual. Just remember that a poor-quality headshot is no better than an outdated headshot or none at all.

Now, you may be thinking it will not be poor quality because your friend owns a DSLR or other quality camera. That’s better than the one on a smartphone, but does your friend know the importance of composition, lighting, posture, and post-production editing? These are just a few things a professional photographer knows that your friend with the DSLR lacks. And trust us, this extra knowledge will make all the difference.

Contact Patty Daniels Photography

You won’t hire your friend or a non-professional to renovate your home, help you find a new house, or treat your medical condition (unless they have experience). You would hire a professional, someone who is skilled in the trade and has years of experience to do the job right. So, why not take the same approach with your corporate headshot? It may seem easy, but requires a lot of expertise to capture the professional image you want.

For a skilled corporate photographer in South Florida, contact Patty Daniels Photography. Call (954)680.9994 to make memories.